"I have never held in my hand craftsmanship and vision such as are embodied in the creations of Jensen Knives. Every step in exploration is an adventure and a pleasure. The knives up close show skill that is just out of this world, from somewhere within the realm of dreams, or beyond. This shows how far humankind has come: from the bronze age to these sublime creations... what a voyage. It is beyond me how anyone could not see the heart soul and genius in John's work. John stands at the peak of his craft. He should be supported by a lifetime grant from the state as a National Treasure"


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Specs: Fixed-Blade Dagger Trio, Overall Length: 8 1/4".
Damascus Steel, Anodized Titanium, Abalone, Gold-Lip Pearl, Fossil Mastodon Ivory, 18k Gold Leaf, 18k Gold, Gemstones.